1. General Rules and How To Enter WUMS/Rebel Radio Contests:
  • Entry procedures for contests will be specified within the promotional mention (on-air or otherwise) for each particular contest.
  • One entry per person or household please. Multiple entries will not increase the odds of winning and may be subject to disqualification.


  1. Eligibility:
  • Contests are open to most WUMS listeners. Due to the nature of certain prizes, it may be necessary to restrict the age of the winner for certain contests. In this case, an age limit will be specified within the contest announcement.
  • Employees of WUMS (paid or volunteer), the Student Media Center (SMC), affiliated entities, affiliated advertising agencies, participating sponsors/promotional partners and the members of their immediate families (spouse, parents, siblings or children) are ineligible to participate or win.
  • Contestants may only win ONE Prize from WUMS ONCE every 30 days.
  • A contestant who wins $500 or more in CASH may not win any other prize or play any other contest for 60 days.
  • Contestants may only win once every 60 days for PRIZES valued at or above $500.00.
  • One winner per household is permitted in any contest.
  • Contestants are not eligible to win the same prize from WUMS within 90 days.
  • Persons under the age of 13 are not eligible to participate contests (unless otherwise specified). We will immediately reject and delete any entry received from a person under the age of 13. Visitors are also required to provide truthful information and we will also reject and delete any entry we discover to be false or fraudulent.
  • Any winner of a cash prize, trip, etc. must be 18 years or older.


  1. Prizes:
  • All prizes or prize certificates may be picked up at the Student Media Center 201 Bishop Hall, University, MS 38677 Prizes are available for pick-up Monday-Friday 8:30pm-4:30pm, unless otherwise specified or other arrangements have been made.
  • Prizes will be held for 30 days maximum (If prize is dated i.e. tickets to a performance, etc. and the event date passes before the 30 days are up, prize will be discarded before the 30 days)
  • In the event that a prize or prize certificate is mailed to the winner, it will be with the prior consent of the winner and therefore, winner assumes the risk of its arrival. WUMS is not responsible for the safe arrival of a prize or prize certificate.
  • Contest prizes are not transferable. Prizes may not be substituted or redeemed for their cash value.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the winner will be responsible for all accommodations, meals and travel to and from event.
  • Due to the nature or value of certain prizes, WUMS requires a valid picture I.D. from all winners. If you are sending someone to pick up a prize on your behalf they must present their valid picture I.D. and a permission letter from the prize winner along with a copy of photo I.D. of the winner.


  1. Selection of Winners:
  • All decisions of station management with respect to contests are final.
  • Selection of winners is random, unless announced otherwise.
  • In cases of skill-based contests, contestants will be informed of the judging criteria beforehand.


  1. Conditions:
  • Payment of all federal, state or local taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner. Winners may be required to sign an IRS Form 1099 or the equivalent.
  • By participating in any contest, the winner or winners agree to have their name, voice or likeness used in any advertising or broadcasting material related to the contest.
  • Contest winners will be required to sign a liability release prior to the acceptance of any prize valued at $600.00 or greater or with a prize that includes the provision of transportation whether or not such transportation is provided by WUMS. Pursuant to the liability release, the winners will agree to hold WUMS, affiliated companies and their officers, shareholders, directors, employees, agents and representatives of each of them harmless against any and all claims or liability arising directly or indirectly from the prize or contest.
  • Contest winners who have accumulated more than $600.00 in prizes over a one-year period may be required to sign an IRS form 1099 or the equivalent.


  1. WUMS reserves the right to make changes in the rules of the contest which will become effective upon announcement.
  • No purchase is necessary. The contest is void where prohibited.
  • Failure to comply with the contest rules may result in a contestant’s disqualification.
  • Copies of the contest rules are available during regular hours, M-F 8:00a – 5:00p, at the Student Media Center, 201 Bishop Hall, University, MS 38677.

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