Serena Williams Accuses US Open Final Judge of Sexism

Written by on September 12, 2018

By Nadja Jauregui

Serena Williams was penalized for her actions when playing at the US Open Final match against Naomi Osaka this past weekend. The judge accused her of receiving coaching which is prohibited during matches. Williams swore she did not and would never receive coaching.

“I’d rather lose than have to cheat to win,” Williams said during the ESPN conference. “I don’t need to cheat to win. I’ve won enough.”

Williams is a strong advocate for women’s rights and equality and having to go through an issue like this caused Williams to act in the manner that she did. Dr. Harker from the Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies at Ole Miss addressed her thoughts on the match. Harker noted that women and sports continues to be an ongoing struggle for equality because of past cultures and norms. The way people view women athletes might be subconsciously influenced by past views whether people realize it or not.

There is not much else that can be done on how the match turned out, but there can be actions made to prevent similar future events.

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